Mini-World - ARGENTINA!

Well done to the winning Junior Netball Champions of the Mini-World!!

Oh Golly,I will try my best to turn the images around!!

Congratulations Jay-Dee, Ayesha, Haajarah, Jesse, Raiyaanah, Lerato, Siphosethu, Cindy, Laylaa and Waseem!

Special congratulations go to RAIYAANAH ESSA for being the Junior Player of the Tournament!!

Well done everybody!

OK, so when I finally figure out how to rotate this image, it SHALL be the right way up! This will have to do for now, as it is such a great shot of everyone!
This is it! The dust has finally settled, the confetti cleaned off the stage and the trophies etched... The Mini-World 2012 is finally over! Wow, what a journey it has been! From broken ankles to broken voices, we actually pulled it off.  We put on a really good show, really top quality,with compliments still flying through from teachers, management and judges, and for me, the most important thing about the the experience - we bonded as a class. his is what these events are all about.

A bit blurry - excuse the excitement!
More to come.

So...The Mini-World Finale is on the 20th September, and I hope you are working hard on your dances!

Here is some inspiration for you.

Basic Argentinian Tango

Professional Argentinian Dance

Black Eyed Peas - Masque Nada

CONGRATULATIONS to the Grade 9A Netball team for winning the Junior Netball Championship of the Mini-World 2012!! Fantastic teamwork and skill shown! Well done!

WELL DONE to the Grade 9A soccer team who played so well, but unfortunately did not make it into the semi-finals as the game came down to a nail-biting penalty shootout. Well done, team, you looked great out there in your Argentinian colours and showed great sportsmanship!

Now we need to look towards our Dance, Cuisine Day and March Pass!


  1. Well done to the netball team for winning the junior netball...whoohooo!

  2. WooHooo! Thumbs Up to the Girls :)For making the class proud for being 9A CHAMPIONS. Soccer- better luck next time. Well Done Everybody.

  3. abdul khaaliq jacobsJuly 29, 2012 at 7:05 AM

    it's 9a fever tym

  4. whoop! well done to everyone who participated in all of the events played :) GO ARGENTINA!

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  6. Ms.A:)We miss you so muchh..It was great seeing you the other day, though. Hope to see you again. Soon:)) xx

  7. Hi my dear! I miss you all terribly too!

    I have something up my sleeve to see you all more often ... watch this space ;)

    Ms A :)